Is there a feature that allows one to set goals?

Is there a feature that allows one to set goals to work towards, perhaps along with suggestions on how to achieve these goals?

For example, it would be handy if I could set paying off my current credit card balance as a goal, then get alerted to my surplus cash balance at the end of the month, which I could then transfer into my credit card. 22seven could make suggestions for reducing non-essential budgets like Entertainment and indicate how long it would take to achieve my goal at my planned rate of spending and my actual rate of spending.

If I recall correctly, when 22seven was first released there was a similar feature?

(Reposted on behalf of customer, original post by Lydon McGrane 26 Sep 2013, at 12:23)



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  • Hi Lydon

    Thanks for getting in touch. Future goals is definitely something we're working towards. We'd love to show you how your current spending affects your money world in the future, as accurately as possible.

    You can set yourself short term goals in your Home screen at the moment. That's where we show your current spend per category vs your average as a default, which hopefully helps your change your behaviour. You can set goals per category by entering those amounts in the planned/ average fields. Once you've planned for a category, that planned amount will automatically carry over to the new money month, so you don't have to set it up every month. Hope that helps?

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