How Is Expenditure Calculated?

I have noticed, pretty much every month that the amount of money spent as calculated by the app far exceeds what happens back in the real world, but this month, and so early in the month its rediculously, which leads me to ask.

So for this month so far my expenditure has been EFT's/Debit orders, which are consistent every month.
I have 1 relatively large account purchase
Then My Credit card.

The total of those 3 amounts currently only makes up 40% of what the app says I have spent.



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  • Hi Reme,

    Your expenditure in any given Budget month is calculated by taking all of your debits in your current, savings and cheque accounts and adding them together. It's as simple as that, so if your expenditure is being overstated, it would suggest a problem.

    If you have any duplicate transactions, that could be a cause. Also, if you have not marked any inter-account transfers as 'Transfers' (the grey spending group), your expenses and Income will be vastly over-stated.

    Sadly, I don't have enough information to give you any clear answer as to what your particular issue may be, so I would highly recommend contacting the Svens directly at and we'll be able to assist you from there.

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