Budget amounts for Categories keep on changing

I've been using this tool for 2 years and have not yet noticed this bug.

Some of my my Budget Amounts keep on changing and is not saved by 22 Seven as captured


I'll set Clothing & Shoes = 0 for the current budget, then logging in the next day, an amount of 500 is now displaying which I DID NOT Capture.

Why does the values I set not get saved? Where is this value coming from

I need to be certain that my budget is as i captured it and is not a moving target...

Please investigate and see example attached.



  • Hi Carel,

    This is a known bug that popped up recently and it seems to only affect saving budget amounts in our web app. The team is working on a fix for this as we speak.

    I will send you an email and keep you in the loop as soon as we have a fix for this in place.

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  • Hi

    Please advise if this is fixed?

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  • Hi Schalk,

    This has indeed been fixed.

    If you're running into any issues at all, please don't hesitate in popping us an email at thesvens@22seven.com

    The Svens are always at the ready and happy to help in any way :)


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