eBucks Transactions not pulling through (balance is and correctly displaying in Rand Value)


Great, my eBucks account is pulling through, balance is correct and translated to the rand value (eBucks/10), but the transactions are not pulling through. 

Pls help, would be great to have them included (as Zar) in the transaction list.



  • Hi Len

    Thanks for getting in touch. I am happy to hear your eBucks balance is now reflecting correctly. I will investigate the transactions and be in touch via email. 

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  • Hi Guys, 

    Any update on this? Just noticed myself and not sure why this is...

    Kind regards,


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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Currently, our rewards data collector only scrapes through balances, as most reward accounts don't list transactions. However, for eBucks, on the FNB website, they only display a single transaction at a time, updated monthly. Because FNB deletes these transactions, they would get deleted in 22seven also.

    That been said, it is definitely something for us to explore. I've passed this on to our Product Design team so that we can look into smarter ways of handling this in the future.

    Thanks again.

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  • Good morning! Have you guys started exploring this yet? I also would love to see my eBucks transactions. I often buy electricity with eBucks, or air tickets, etc. These transactions do reflect individually in FNB, though I see that they disappear over time. What a pain. Perhaps it could work with some kind of functionality where you can manually "lock in" the transactions in 22seven when they come through, so that they don't disappear eventually? Or if not that, maybe you could add the option to manually add transactions to the eBucks account? Like some kind of automated/manual account hybrid... Just thinking out loud here. :) 

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  • Hi Caroline,

    Unfortunately, since eBucks transactions are automatically deleted over time, we won't be able to automatically bring them through to 22seven. Creating functionality to "lock in" transactions or something of the sort would be ideal, but to be honest it isn't something that would be feasible for us to build for the foreseeable future. We have lots of work on our roadmap we feel would be more valuable to build first :)

    Similarly, we don't have plans to allow you to manually add transactions to linked accounts, as this would create a disconnect between your bank statement and what's displaying in 22seven on your linked account. However, you are able to create manual transactions on manual accounts on our Android app. This functionality will be making its way to Web and iOS in future, so perhaps the full manual account route is best for your eBucks account? Since transactions aren't created too regularly, it shouldn't involve too much extra work.

    Sorry I don't have better news for you, but I hope this helps!

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