"Connect more" Competition: Terms and Conditions


  • Customers automatically earn one entry into a random draw for every new service provider they link or import via a statement.
  • Accounts need to remain linked and statements need to remain imported to 22seven for the duration of the competition for them to count towards an entry. 
  • If customers do not want to participate, they can decline the prize if they are selected as a winner. 
  • Customers need to have a bank account in their name.
  • Customers need to be 18 years or older to qualify to win a prize.
  • 22seven staff do not qualify to win the competition.
  • Old Mutual staff do qualify to win the competition.
  • A winner can only qualify to win a prize once.


How the winner is determined

  • The winner will be chosen through a random draw, from a list of qualifying customers.
  • An extract of qualifying customers (see Eligibility section on how to qualify) will be sorted by their unique 22seven ID. A random number generator will be used to select the number, and the customer at the position on the list that matches the number will be the winner.
  • A customer’s ID will be repeated in the list based on the number of entries they’ve accumulated between the start of the competition until the weekly draw.
  • If the selected customer is 22seven staff, the steps above will repeat.
  • The draw is at 22seven’s discretion and will not be verified by an external party, but 22seven will take all steps to ensure the process is fair.


Timeline of the competition

  • The competition launch date is 5 November 2020.
  • Winners will be chosen once a week, for a period of 4 weeks.



  • The prize is R5,000 in cash that will be transferred into a winning customer’s bank account of choice, as well as one signed copy of one of the following books: ‘Manage your money like a f*cking grownup’ by Sam Beckbessinger, ‘What's your move’ by Nicolette Mashile or ‘How to make your first million’ by Warren Ingram. 
  • The chosen winner needs to acknowledge their winning status by replying to the email from The Svens stating they are the winner within 48 hours, otherwise another winner will be drawn.
    • The winner needs to provide bank account details via email to The Svens.
  • The winner can choose between any one of the three listed books and needs to specify in an email to The Svens what their choice is.
  • Money will be transferred within 5 business days after 22seven has confirmed receipt of the winner’s bank account details.


General rules

  • Once the draw is made and the winner accepts it, such draw is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Where there is any suspicion of any irregularity or fraudulent activities, 22seven reserves the right to refuse to award the prize and may award the prize to the next randomly drawn participant.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred.
  • If for any reason any prize winner is not eligible to win the prize, that person will lose his or her right to the prize and will forfeit the prize. 22seven then reserves the right to award the prize to the next randomly drawn participant.
  • 22seven may amend, modify or change the rules within its sole discretion. These changes will take effect from publication on 22seven.com of such rules.
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