Setting up an FNB “view-only” profile

Setting up an FNB view-only profile is a more secure way to link your FNB accounts to 22seven. The process is quite intricate so please make sure you follow all 8 steps.

Step 1 of 8

Log into your FNB account and click Online Banking Settings, then click the View button under the Secondary Users section.


Step 2 of 8

Click Add User.



Step 3 of 8

Complete the Personal Details and Contact Details sections. You can create the secondary user using your own details if you wish; it does not necessarily need to be another person. Next, tick the checkboxes under View for the accounts you want to expose to 22seven. Do not check anything under Transact if the option is available to you. Click Continue.



Step 4 of 8

Choose a new user ID and temporary password. The user ID must not be the same as what you use for internet banking and it’s a good idea to use a different password too. Enter your cellphone or email details in the OTP Delivery section. Click Add.



Step 5 of 8

Accept the terms and conditions by ticking the checkbox and clicking Confirm.



Step 6 of 8

Open the FNB Banking App to approve the new user, or enter the one-time PIN (OTP) you will receive via SMS or email if prompted to do so instead, then click Submit.



Step 7 of 8

Click Finish and then you must log off from internet banking.



Step 8 of 8

Now log in using your new view-only user ID and temporary password. You’ll be prompted to change your temporary password. Enter a new password (different to your primary password) and click Update. Then log off from internet banking again.



All set!

If everything went according to plan, you can now link your FNB accounts to 22seven. If you need any help with this  or if you have questions, however simple or technical, we’d like to answer them.




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