How long should I leave the money I’ve invested through 22seven?

The investments available through 22seven have recommended investment terms. And, generally, the longer you leave them, the better they’re likely to do for you.

The Old Mutual Money Market Fund has a recommended minimum investment term of 0-3 years, the Old Mutual Core Balanced Fund 3+ years, and the Old Mutual Top 40 Index Fund and Old Mutual FTSE RAFI All World Index Feeder Fund have recommended investment terms of 5+ years.

These are all unit trust funds, which go up and down in the short term but, historically, have gone up in the long-term. So, although you are able to withdraw money from the funds any time without paying penalties, the idea is to leave your money there for as long as possible.

If you think you may need or want the money within a year or two, you might want to consider one of the funds available through 22seven that's appropriate for a shorter period of time.

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