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How to use advanced filters when doing a transactions search on Android.


22seven keeps all your transactions for you, from the time you first linked an account. And, unlike at the banks, they’re available and accessible to you for as long as you use 22seven, for free. 

So, you can find any transaction or transactions, from any time – whether you’re looking for a year’s worth (instead of asking the bank for statements) or just a single one. And to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, you can filter your search by description, account, category, spending group, date or account.

Also, the Money In and Money Out bars on your Transactions page show you how much went in and out for any transactions searches, using any of the filters.

Step 1 of 3
Log in to 22seven and go to the Transactions page. Click on the search filter.

Step 2 of 3 
You can now search for any transaction or transactions using the advanced filters. Choose your search filters and click apply. 

 Step 3 of 3
Only the transactions you searched for will be listed. The Money In and Money Out bars will also show you exactly how much came in and went out for that particular search.

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