What fees do you pay when investing through 22seven?

The total fees, also known as Effective Annual Cost (EAC), for the various funds are as follows:

Old Mutual Money Market Fund: 0.59%

Old Mutual Top 40 Index Fund: 0.83%

Old Mutual FTSE RAFI All World Index Feeder Fund: 1.09%

Old Mutual Core Balanced Fund: 0.97%

The above percentages are made up of:

  • A fixed annual service fee*
  • Additional variable charges(such as audit, legal and trustee fees), which can change from period to period and differ from fund to fund.
  • Transaction costs (such as brokerage costs and securities transfer tax), which can also vary from period to period and fund to fund.

Together, these costs make up the Total Expense Ratio (or TER) that you will see on the fund fact sheets. Detailed fee breakdowns are available on the relevant fund fact sheet.

  There are no hidden fees and, unlike with some investments, there is no initial fee, no financial adviser fee, and no exit or termination fee. We will notify you if new or additional fees or charges are added, or if there’s a change in the way they’re calculated.

  How are the fees calculated and charged?

Fees are calculated daily and based on the market value of the fund at the end of each day. They’re not charged separately, but are taken directly out of the fund.

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