What happens when you invest monthly?

You can choose the day of the month you want your investment to be made.

  • If we get your request 3pm, with at least 5 working days until your chosen day, and all of our requirements have been met, then your first monthly amount should go off the same month. If the day that you want your investment to start is too soon for us to get this month’s amount sorted in time, then your first monthly amount will only go off the next month.

You’ll get your chosen day’s unit price (unless that day is on a public holiday or weekend, in which case you’ll get the next working day’s unit price).

The transaction will reflect on your investment account card in 22seven on the working day after your chosen day.

All investments and other requests are subject to legal requirements, and we reserve the right to suspend, delay, reverse or cancel the transaction.

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  • The payment industry has restricted debit order payments from the same bank account on the same day to R1,000,000. If the amount that you’re investing is more than R1,000,000, then we’ll make sure that R1,000,000 goes through each day (and however much needs to on the last day) until the total amount that you asked to invest is reached.
  • The transaction reference on your bank account statement will be "OM UNITTRU...” (followed by your investment account number). It takes longer for a transaction to reflect in some bank accounts than others, depending on the bank.

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