What are the accepted FICA documents?

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) was implemented by the South African government to help prevent illegal financial activity. As a necessary part of this Act, the identity of any customer participating in any financial transaction through 22seven has to be verified. To confirm your identity, we need an acceptable copy of the following documents:

A valid document showing proof of identity

  • South African green bar-coded ID book, or
  • South African ID smart-card
  • South African Driving License card

Please note that proof of residential address documents are no longer required to FICA with 22seven. Hooray!

  What document formats are accepted for FICA?

Documents do not need to be certified or notarised, as we will verify the documents through an authorised third party. The documents can be uploaded either by using a scanner or by taking a photograph, with a file size that must be below 10MB. Accepted file types include .PDF .PNG .JPEG .TIFF .BMP.

Previously, we would require a valid document showing proof of residential address

  • Utility bill in your name (e.g. water, electricity, rates and taxes) *, or
  • Utility bill in your name and showing the legal description of the property (erf number) *, or
  • Bank or credit card statement issued by your bank (i.e. statements issued by the institution: whether on paper, electronically in an email or in the form of an internal printout where it is clear it has been issued by such institution). Note that a printout of a bank statement done at an ATM or printed from the internet is not acceptable *, or
  • Municipal rates and taxes account *, or
  • Mortgage statement from a bank or other recognised lending institution *, or
  • Rent/ lease agreement **, or
  • Landline (e.g. Telkom) or Cellular phone account *, or
  • Official SARS documentation **, or
  • IRP5 issued by an Employer **, or
  • IT3(b) issued by an institution such as a bank or financial services provider
  • Policy document, statement or valuation from another long-term insurance company **, or
  • Client statement issued by a linked investment services provider in terms of the Stock Exchanges Control Act and the FAIS Act **, or
  • Member’s statement issued in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act **, or
  • Correspondence from a body corporate or share-block association **, or
  • Television license **, or
  • Retail account reflecting National Credit Act (NCA) or Financial Services Provider (FSP) license *, or
  • Motor vehicle or motorcycle license **, or
  • Short-term insurance documents showing the risk address **, or
  • Payslip or salary advice *, or
  • Services invoice from a retirement village in the case of a person older than 55 **, or
  • Old Mutual Employee Visitation Affidavit *, or
  • Old Mutual Third Party Affidavit or Official letter from a tribal chief, tribal leader (only to be accepted in exceptional cases i.e. when other documents listed above is unavailable). The tribal chief/leader only has to submit the official letter.

* The document must not be older than 3 months.

** The document must not be older than 12 months.

  (Please note: this is no longer applicable).

If you don’t have any of the above documents, a Sworn Affidavit from the owner of the residence confirming you live with them will be accepted. The Affidavit provided must be signed and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths and be accompanied by a utility bill in the name of the owner of the residence, as well as a copy of the identity document of the owner of the residence. Please use the Old Mutual Third Party Affidavit attached.

💡 Find out how to upload FICA documents.

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