Grow your money smarter, easier. Invest through 22seven.


You can now put money into tax free investments. Through 22seven. It’s part of the National Treasury’s legislation to promote savings, so there’s good reason to do it. There’s better reason to do it through 22seven.

  • You can invest at tax free. You don’t get taxed on the growth of this money, nor when you withdraw it.

  • You can invest at low cost. The fee on investments through 22seven: between 0.90% and 1.66%, depending on the fund you choose. (The industry average through an adviser: 2.3%.) You keep more of your own money to grow, more.

  • You can invest flexibly. Put in from as little as R250, once off or monthly. And withdraw money any time, without paying penalties.

  • You can invest easily. It’s all online, in minutes, at the click of a mouse or flick of a finger. No pens, no queues, no delays.

 💡 Find out more about investing, or check out our investments FAQ. If you've got questions, the Svens have answers.

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