How do I add a new account for a bank I've already added to 22seven?

If you already have a service provider linked with 22seven and you would like to add a new account from that same service provider, 22seven will automatically detect and add the new account when it runs an update (providing that account shares the same login information as your existing account(s) and appears on the same website as them).
If this doesn't happen, please visit the Accounts tab in 22seven, then click on "Link an account." Select the relevant service provider and follow the prompts. Our data collector will now scan your profile for additional accounts and should import your new one. If this isn’t happening, please contact our Svens, who will be happy to assist.
If your new account has different login details to your existing accounts or appears on a different website altogether, then you will need to link it as a new service provider by following the "Link an account" process described above.
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