Can I use 22seven without having online access to my accounts?

Yes! We suggest linking your accounts to 22seven to automatically import your balances and transactions from over 100 South African service providers. But if you prefer to do things the old-school way, or we don't support one of your providers yet, you can create transactions manually. Currently, this feature is only available on our Android app. Simply head to the Accounts screen on Android and tap on the blue + button, then select "Add a transaction" to get started. Web and iOS support coming soon!

In the near future we'll be introducing the ability for you to manually import CSV/PDF statements of your transactions from all of South Africa's major banks as well. This will provide an alternative way for you to bulk import your transactions if you prefer not to (or aren't able to) link your accounts to 22seven. This feature will be available on Android and Web to start off with, with iOS support coming in future.

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