New service providers: Paypal and more!

We're happy to report that we've added support for 8 new service providers. These are:

  • Bidvest Bank *
  • Nedbank Online Share Trading *
  • Nedbank Private Wealth Online Share Trading
  • Paypal *
  • Sasfin *
  • Standard Bank Webtrader *
  • ETFSA Unit Trusts *
  • RMB Securities *

  Service providers marked with a (*) are still under construction, so we have a few technicalities to iron out before those accounts are likely to link or update successfully. You can help us get these service providers up and running by linking your account and asking us to investigate if it encounters an error.

New service providers added earlier this year include:

  • Ackermans
  • Ford Credit *
  • GT247
  • Luno (BitX)
  • Makro (credit cards, not access cards)
  • Momentum Retirement Administrators
  • SatrixNOW
  • Woolworths Credit Card

  Please bear in mind that linking your Luno account with 22seven involves a slightly different process to normal. We’ve penned an article on our Help Centre explaining how to go about getting the necessary details from Luno to input into 22seven.

We're continuously working on adding new service providers, so please check back here regularly and email with your requests. Happy linking!

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