New service provider: TymeBank

We've just added beta support for South Africa's new, digital-only bank - TymeBank. Head on over to the Accounts screen, click on the "+" button and choose "Link an account," then select TymeBank from the list of service providers and follow the prompts to get your account linked.

Remember, TymeBank is still in beta on our side, so your account will probably fail to update. If it does, we'll be very grateful if you leave your account linked and click on the "Ask us to investigate" button after clicking on your account card. This will allow us to look into the problem with your account and get the service provider up and running for everyone.

New service providers added recently include:

  • iTransact
  • Mercantile Bank
  • Momentum Wealth International*
  • RMB Securities*
  • Sasfin*
  • SnapnSave

* Service providers marked with a (*) are still under construction, so as mentioned above, we have a few technicalities to iron out before those accounts are likely to link or update successfully. You can help us get these service providers up and running by linking your account and asking us to investigate if it encounters an error.

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