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How to invest through 22seven.


You can invest through 22seven at the flick of a finger, in minutes. Literally.
(One of our customers invested while he was stuck in traffic. Seriously.)
You can also invest tax free. And from as little as R350, any time.

Step 1 of 6
In Accounts, click the options menu top right, then click 'Investing'.
Step 2 of 6
On the 'Why invest' screen, click 'Next'.

Step 3 of 6
Read more about investing and the Terms & conditions before clicking ‘Next’ to continue.


Step 4 of 6
Click a fund fact sheet for detailed information on the investment. Choose an investment, then click ‘Next’.


Step 5 of 6
Choose to invest tax free or not, then click 'Next'.


Step 6 of 6
Follow the prompts and fill in relevant information to complete the investment.


Hooray! You've invested in your future self!
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