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Same same. But better.


A short while ago, we let everyone know that things behind the scenes were a little different, but that 22seven was the same. Now it's time to say that we've been working to actually make it better.

Our focus over the last few weeks has been on making some of the tweaks and improvements you’ve been asking us for. These are the changes we’ve made:

Same Spendometer. But simpler.
No striped line anymore. Just your actual spending, arranged proportionately by spending group.

Same Transactions. But tighter.
This screen now defaults to just your current month’s transactions. If you want to see all of them from all time, it’s just a click away. Foreign currency transactions are now also converted to rands.

Same Budget. But bespoke.
Make it more your own. On the web, you can now: Export it to a .csv file. Print it from your browser. Easily set budgeted amounts from the main screen. And hide categories to see only your spending group totals.

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