How to link a Luno account.

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There are two parts to linking your Luno account: (1) locating your Luno wallet details, and (2) adding those details to 22seven.

PART ONE: Locating your Luno wallet details (or API keys).

22seven accesses your Luno wallet through an API. This allows us to create a more direct link to your wallet and requires an API key.

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Log into your Luno account and click on 'Profile.'


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Scroll down and click on 'SEE ALL.'


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Choose 'API keys' from the list of options.


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Click on '+ Create API key.'


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Enter ’22seven’ as the Key label. Use the permissions drop-down to select ‘Read-only access’. Then click 'NEXT.'


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You will see a pop-up with a Key ID and Secret key code. Keep this handy for part two.



PART TWO: Adding a Luno account to 22seven.

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Log into 22seven via our Web App. On the Accounts screen, click on the blue + button and select ‘Link an account.'

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Scroll down and choose the Luno logo to enter your wallet details.

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Enter your Luno credentials (API key as shown in part one), then confirm the account link.

Please note: When your Luno account is successfully linked, 22seven will reflect the Rand, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and/or Ethereum wallets as separate accounts. Using an approximate Rand value, your cryptocurrency wallets will be converted into Rands

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