The latest on Capitec accounts

As you may already know, 22seven has been unable to update Capitec accounts since late June as a result of significant changes to their login process. Since then we've been hard at work building support for Capitec's new QR code login method, but we've run into some challenges along the way, so we wanted to reach out and fill you in on where things currently stand.

Capitec QR codes in 22seven

Over the past few months we've been working on support for Capitec QR codes inside 22seven, which is now live. This means that if you're logged into the 22seven Web App (not mobile) and you run an update on your Capitec accounts, we now have the ability to display your QR code inside 22seven, which you can scan with your phone via the Capitec app to approve 22seven's login requests.

QR codes timing out

However, we recently discovered that Capitec has significantly reduced the QR code timeout limit from around 3 minutes to 40 seconds. This means there usually isn't enough time for our data collectors to complete all of the steps in the login process before the QR code times out, resulting in most update attempts are failing. Moving forward, we suggest having your Capitec app open, ready and waiting to scan the QR code if it pops up in 22seven so you can complete the rest of the steps in the login process as quickly as possible. However, there are a lot of factors at play, so we can't guarantee login attempts will be successful.

Engaging with Capitec

We understand this isn’t ideal and we've been in regular contact with the Capitec team about testing a direct integration later this year. This would allow us to reliably update Capitec accounts on both mobile and web, but it requires development work from on both Capitec and 22seven.

Alternative - import your Capitec PDF statements

Did you know that the 22seven Web App allows you to import your bank statements as an alternative to linking your accounts? All you need to get started is the PDF statement you receive/generate from Capitec. 22seven will use it to create a new account for you and automatically categorise your transactions. Adding new transactions is easy - just import another statement.



Thanks for your patience while we work towards restoring regular Capitec support in 22seven. At this stage, the situation is largely out of our hands, but we continue to engage with Capitec on a regular basis and hope to be in touch with better news in the coming months.

In the meantime, please reach out to Capitec and let them know why it's important for you to get your accounts updating in 22seven as soon as possible.

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